Wirtschaftsexperte/ Senior Economic Correspondent
Vorträge, Diskussionsrunden, Workshops/ Lectures, Discussions, Workshops

Matan Hodorov ist einer der bekanntesten TV-Journalisten aus Israel.
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Matan Hodorov is the new generation of successful and well-known TV-Journalists in Israel.
With only 28 years he has been already chosen as one of the 40 most influential Israelis under the age of 40 and had the honor of being awarded several prizes. He can provide a long list of exposures to the most important people of Israeli economy and politics. Having access to the meetings and debates in the Knesset – Israeli Parliament – he is THE EXPERT on the real status of Israeli economics and politics.
His latest documentary on Israelis moving abroad became one of the main topics among Israeli and Jewish Society as well as Israeli Politicians.


As chief financial correspondent of Channel 10 News and the IDF’s official Radio Station, Matan Hodorov has gathered for the past 10 years wide knowledge, information and utilities to analyze Israel’s economic advantages and challenges. Through personal conversations on a weekly basis with some of the financial leaders of the state, he is well informed and capable of overview the short and long-term developments in the field of economics.

Some of the key subjects he covers are the Ministry of Finance in Jerusalem, Central Bank of Israel, Central Bureau of Statistics, financial committees of the Israeli Parliament, Official State Comptroller, Tel-Aviv’s Stock Exchange, the major banks, insurance companies, investments and more.

During his period of working as a journalist he interviewed senior executives, ministers and academic experts; exposed meaningful stories which caused investigations and significant changes in the public and private sectors; and broadcasted many shows including economic reports and commentaries.

In addition to his main position as a TV correspondent, he also functioned as the anchor-man of economy radio shows and the vice-editor of „Good Morning Israel“, the most popular daily news broadcasted in Israeli radio. In parallel to his expertise as a journalist, he also accumulated significant experience as a lecturer – in front of various audiences. During the past few years he performed as a key-note speaker in conferences for Israeli leading firms and governmental authorities, United Appeal for Israel („Keren Hayesod“), Jewish Federations of North America, Israel’s Journalism Council, academic institutions and many more.